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Toulon High School Song


Toulon High School had three different official school songs. First was "The Scarlet and The Black," which was replaced by a second unknown title. The third song, "Trojan March" was originally longer than the version later sung.

From the Stark County News, Wed., April 24, 1940 :

Copyright Toulon High  "Trojan March"

Certificate of copyright registered from the Library of Congress for the "Trojan March," official song of Toulon Township High School, was received this morning according to Superintendent A.R. Wetzel. Words and music written by Robert A. Leigh in 1937 and the song was first sung at commencement that year, with arrangements being worked out for all band instruments later for its adoption as the official school song. Copyright is in the name of Robert A. Leigh and Toulon Township High School.

The arrangement was accomplished by Miss Jimmae Fisher (English teacher).

From page 50 of the 1937 TOLO:




    Eleven men with hearts on fire,
    Plunge down the field with one desire;
    To win the game in a fighting way.
    And do their best on every play.
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    Come on, you crashing Toulon Trojans
    Go in and fight to win that game,
    You're fighting for the fame of Toulon
    And all the glory of her name.

    All Toulon High School stands behind you,
    So do you best on every play.
    Come on and fight, you Toulon Trojans;
    Win that game today.

- Robert Leigh, 1937


  The reason a fight song was written is because the original five teams of the Blackhawk Conference which was formed in 1933 were known as Toulon, Wyoming, Galva, Bradford, Wethersfield without any team names. In 1937, the five members decided each team needed a name (ie., Toulon Trojans, Bradford Panthers, etc). The student body in 1937 voted and we became the Trojans. Hence, Robert Leigh wrote the song for the new name. He is a graduate of TTHS Class of 1937.

I asked my 92-year-old mother about him and she said that the Leighs lived in West Jersey township south of her home (Carters) and 3/4 of a mile west. Robert was the youngest of five children with sisters Ruth, Lena, Ethel, Evelyn, and brother Milan. His parents were Bert and Edith Brian Leigh (pronounced Lee). Milan was killed at age 14 years in a horse and rack accident. Robert, my Mom remembers, had red hair. She said that one day when Robert was in his early twenties his family found him walking up the road. They asked him where he going and he replied "Going to New York." His family realized he had a mental disorder (he was never criminally insane as one forum entry said) and sought out a place (unknown) for him to stay. Evelyn, his sister, was the only one of his family that was good to him. She sent money for him to buy extras. He was ignored by the rest of the family due to stigmatization. My mom worked at the Galesburg Research Hospital from 1967-79 and saw him a few times. At one juncture, the staff thought he was being beaten up by other residents because he had numerous bruises and cuts and scrapes. Eventually they found out he was having seizures and was falling down which attributed to his physical damage. Mom also remembers him as being extremely intelligent.

Sometime later there were modifications done to the words, because I learned the "revised" version.  For one, the entire 1st verse was dropped and I suppose that was because it applied to football only.  Two,  3rd verse 4th word was changed from "today"' to I believe "tonight," because the football games were daytime events until they got lights at all the school's football fields.  Classes were dismissed around 1:30 or 2:00 to compensate for the daytime games and especially in October when there was less daylight.  Also basketball games were at night by then.  Just my theory for the changes.

So, now you know.

John A. Ballentine    T.T.H.S.   Class of 1970