Previous Reunions

Currently this is the only photographic evidence that the class of 1984 has ever held a reunion.  Any additional pictures can be emailed to the web master of this section for inclusion.

5 Year Reunion - 1989


Front Row:               Brenda, Kelly, Janine, Rose, Stephanie, Jeff O. & Marj.

Second Row:           Patty, Deanna, Jeff D., Roger, Lee, Vince, Malia & Mel

Third Row:               Lauri, Karen, Christina, Tammy, Deb, Rich & Jerry

Back Row:                Eric, Greg, Jeff L., Rodger, Rodney, Dean, Kyle& Van


Missing:                   Michelle, Randy, Julie, Hank, Joel, Dawn, Doug,

                                 Boel, Lori, Jeff J., Mike, Chris, Lisa, Carmen, Jim,

                                 Debbie & Renee.