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This will be your source of oodles of  photos of your old friends doing lord knows what.
Don't be shy, please email some today because I've already seen these.

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kindergarten-1971 2nd-grade-2 1983-top-ten
honeybee (Bill and Kris) anders_badmitten_p096.jpg (66307 bytes) Jim Simpson Bank One Ballpark, Phoenix, Arizona 2001
three-tims-and-kirk.jpg (67631 bytes) greg_p_p107.jpg (84202 bytes) mckirgan_p113.jpg (115168 bytes)
kathleen_ambulance.jpg (89704 bytes) kirk matt 1982.jpg (122522 bytes) Carl Rick r Scott Graduation Party.jpg (104892 bytes)
Class Trip.jpg (97010 bytes) hall rats 1980.jpg (120443 bytes) Jill Greg Kathy Prom.jpg (90076 bytes) joyce kirk 1983.jpg (122820 bytes)
lawrence jill 1983.jpg (85193 bytes) Rick at Graduation Party.jpg (89961 bytes) rick r steve greg 1980.jpg (45073 bytes) Foosball Terry Hand others.jpg (81840 bytes)
Rossell Hand bus.jpg (91082 bytes) bob eden friends 1980.jpg (127989 bytes) Schmidt Peterson Pumpkin.jpg (72471 bytes) scott buddy watkins 1982.jpg (44813 bytes)
theresa jordan 1983.jpg (116652 bytes) Office Helpers dc ks rr th sr.jpg (81748 bytes) tina jd kathy 1982.jpg (115914 bytes) College Math Joyce Jill.jpg (80681 bytes)
Cantwell Walter Typing.jpg (71177 bytes) tim becket 1981.jpg (33254 bytes) Joyce and Rick R bus.jpg (90229 bytes) greg tim b bowling 1982.jpg (80229 bytes)
kathy tammy ymca camp.jpg (46854 bytes) dena-car-wash.jpg (141702 bytes) matt-bill-snowpigs.jpg (71489 bytes) senior trip 01.jpg (49804 bytes)
dena tina kathleen 80.jpg (153533 bytes) senior trip 02.jpg (85058 bytes)

Must have been beautiful babies...