Toulon High School Class of 1983

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tim_beckett_photo_1983.jpg debbie_derick_photo_1983.jpg (4665 bytes) darrel_burns_photo_1983.jpg (4936 bytes) doug_cantwell_photo_1983.jpg (4860 bytes) lawrence_catton_photo_1983.jpg doug_deschepper_photo_1983.jpg (4449 bytes)
Timothy Becket Debbie (Derick) Boswell Darrel Burns Doug Cantwell Lawrence Catton Douglas DeSchepper
sam_frail_photo_1983.jpg melissa_george_photo_1983.jpg tina_wilson_graves_photo_1983.jpg lee_83.jpg (4446 bytes) terry_hand_photo_1983.jpg joyce_allen_henneberry_photo_1983.jpg (4730 bytes)
Sam Frail Melissa George Tina (Wilson) Graves Lee Greathouse Terry Hand Joyce (Allen) Henneberry
george_hockett_photo_1983.jpg (4618 bytes) kathleen_shaner_hyzy_photo_1983.jpg jill_jenkins_klooster_photo_1983.jpg (4356 bytes) bill_mckirgan_photo_1983.jpg jordan_jones_photo_1983.jpg (4171 bytes) scott_moore_photo_1983.jpg
George Hockett Kathleen (Shaner) Hyzy Jill (Jenkins) Klooster Bill McKirgan Jordan Jones Scott Moore
john_orwig_photo_1983.jpg (4210 bytes) tim_orwig_photo_1983.jpg mike_perkins_photo_1983.jpg greg_peterson_photo_1983.jpg karmella_reining_photo_1983.jpg (4781 bytes) matt_reismeyer_photo_1983.jpg
John Orwig Timothy Orwig Michael Perkins Gregory Peterson Karmella Reining Matt Reismeyer
tammy_rennick_photo_1983.jpg steve_rossell_photo_1983.jpg rick_rumbold_photo_1983.jpg carl_ryan_photo_1983.jpg (4982 bytes) dena_saltsman_photo_1983.jpg (4809 bytes) tim_scheurmann_photo_1983.jpg
Tammy Rennick Steve Rossell Rick Rumbold Carl Ryan Dena Saltsman Tim Scheurmann
kirk_schmidt_photo_1983.jpg kris_83.jpg (4838 bytes) keith_schultz_photo_1983.jpg (4368 bytes) absent.jpg (3287 bytes) april_starr_photo_1983.jpg (3968 bytes) teresa_keller_swiger_photo_1983.jpg
Kirk Schmidt Kris Shepard Keith Shults Greg Silvest April Starr Teresa (Keller) Swiger
randy-walter-photo-1982.jpg jacqueline_jaci_wells_photo_1983.jpg (4839 bytes) david_west_photo_1983.jpg nils_anders_westbom_photo_1983.jpg (4438 bytes) drinda_dailey_williams_photo_1982.jpg (6889 bytes) richard_rick_zaehringer_photo_1983.jpg
Randy Walter Jacqueline Wells David West Nils Anders Westbom Drinda (Dailey) Williams Richard Zaehringer
What ever became of...
dody_bush_townsend_photo_1979_bw.jpg christina-tina-ketron-photo-3rd.jpg kim-samuelson-photo-5th.jpg gina-ault-photo-6th.jpg (5074 bytes) mckirgan john 1980.jpg (7212 bytes) greg-sutter-photo-1st.jpg (4575 bytes)
Dody (Bush) Townsend Christina Ketron Kim Samuelson Gina Ault John McKirgan Greg Sutter
dusty-bentley-photo-1st.jpg (5867 bytes) gary-crabtree-photo-1st.jpg (4685 bytes) kristine-conover-photo-6th.jpg (4669 bytes) deborah-dunn-photo-4th.jpg (5675 bytes) jim-rodgers-photo-3rd.jpg (5235 bytes) chris-pearce-photo-3rd.jpg (5325 bytes)
Dusty Bentley Gary Crabtree Kristine (Conover) Anderson Deborah Dunn Jim Rodgers Chris Pearce
sandy-welch-photo-3rd.jpg pam-halsall-king-photo-3rd.jpg brian-lowendowski-photo-1st.jpg (4616 bytes) donna-thurston-photo-2nd.jpg (5745 bytes) billy-taylor-photo-4th.jpg (7195 bytes) ricky-day-photo-1st.jpg
Sandy Welch Pam (Halsall) King Brian Lowendowski Donna Thurston Billy Taylor Ricky Day
glenda-stoller-photo-5th.jpg (4109 bytes) brian-rumbold-photo-4th.jpg (5277 bytes) joey-lee-photo-2nd.jpg (5286 bytes) deanna-strait-photo-5th.jpg
Glenda Stoller Brian Rumbold Joey Lee DeAnna (Strait) Lorentz

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